They fit every shoe, they are devilishly strong, they will change your past habits.
They really work. A practical gift, an unparalleled gadget.


We have resolved for your shoelace !

Woven into our magnetic clasps the laces of your favorite shoes and forget about shoving your feet on the force, binding, knots and flying, unused ends of shoelaces. Made of high-grade ABS plastic clips with strong, prepared to order magnets in the middle, will allow you to use the shoes in a way that had never met before.

For whom


Not every preschooler has a desire to tying shoes. Colored clasps exceptionally fall to their liking, glowing in the dark quite fascinating.


You know a lot about life, what little you already surprised. But it happened – really arouses curiosity in you, to which these clasps hands!


In the end, they can wear comfortable shoes tied. By using not have to excessively bend down to tie his shoe.

Disabled has found wide use in making life easier for the disabled. Clasp make your life easier? Contact us to know the special offer just for you.


93% They consider it a super gadget
99% They are happy with the purchase
88% They recommend the goods to others

  • 7KG attraction forces
  • special, custom-made, top-class magnets
  • high-quality ABS plastic housing
  • magnet sunk – do not crumble, do not fall out, do not corrode
  • warranty 48 months
  • made in Poland, UE

Why not Chinese for $ 2?

With great curiosity and fears, we observe the emerging Chinese counterparts of our clasp. Do not be fooled They do not even perform their task in 10% compared to the original Clicks. We are very sorry that the pricey people have decided on a non-functioning product, which may seem to them that the pins are a missed idea. Error! We invite you to purchase only from our authorized partners to be sure that your product will be original and fully meet your expectations.

See for yourself


Start using your shoes in more comfortable and quicker way – together with Your old shoe laces will change tying your shoes in a simple and quick “click”.

The neat look

Tying shoes, putting them on while destroying an insole and unesthetic knots…Sounds familiar? Now you can forget about all the struggles! will refresh the look of your shoes in the blink of an eye!

The originality are available in 14 basic colors which can be mixed at your own discretion. Mix various colors and stand out from the crowd!

How it's work

Działanie oparte jest o najsilniejsze dostępne na rynku magnesy neodymowe. Daje to gwarancję, że zapinki spinają się bardzo mocno i zapewniają niezbędną siłę dla większości aktywności ruchowych. Obudowa wykonana jest z wytrzymałego i trwałego tworzywa.


Pierwsze zauważamy dwie symetryczne fale, które przechodzą w płaską kwadratową powierzchnie. Połączenie dwóch styli – ostrych krawędzi z zaokrągloną falą będzie odpowiednie dla zarówno klasycznych modeli butów jak i nowoczesnych sneakersów.

Błyskawiczne wiązanie

Wystarczy zbliżyć do sobie dwie połówki aby spiąć buta jednym kliknięciem! Możesz to zrobić jedną ręką. Zapomnij o uciążliwym wpychaniu stopy na siłę, długim wiązaniu pętelek, latających końcówkach sznurówek, walce z supłami – kliknij i gotowe.

Rozwiąż jednym ruchem

Nasze magnesy neodymowe są praktycznie niemożliwe do rozdzielenia. By rozdzielić połówki, należy “przełamać” zapinkę. Właśnie w ten sposób ściąga się obuwie – przytrzymując lekko buta przy pięcie, energicznie unosimy nogę do góry.

Installation instructions

Use in your shoes! Take off three upper rows of laces from a shoe and then weave laces through and gaps in shoes. You can see how to do this in the short movie above or on the package of

  • Untie 3 upper row of laces
  • Weave laces starting
  • Weave laces loose from bottom to up with spiral move
  • Finish weaving so that end of a lace will be inside of a shoe
  • Adjust the power of tying to a coil
  • Finish regulation by making a small knot on the lace inside the shoe
  • Cut the rest of shoe laces and leave ca. 3 cm for further adjustment…
  • …or hide the rest of shoe laces under the insole

Confratulations! Your shoes are ready to help you discover how™ makes putting shoes simpler and more comfortable. Remember – to achieve a full comfort – we recommend cutting the laces at the end!