CLICKS.LIFE® – Magnetic Shoe Closures Clasps and Laces Replacement System really work! A practical gift and an effective end to a messy shoe lacing on casual, smart and sports shoes.

An unparalleled shoe gadget with style.

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We have a solution for your messy shoelace !

Clicks fit every conventional shoe and are designed with ultra-high strength magnets for precise and effective shoe closure. Our trademarked shoe lace replacement system offers industry leading design, strength and warranty to match. Developed and Made in Europe, Clicks will change your past shoe lacing habits.

For whom


Easy, fun and convenient, because not every pre-schooler has a desire to tying shoes. Coloured clasps are exceptionally attractive with some even glowing in the dark! – Quite fascinating

Teens & Adults

You have little time and want that clean, display shoe look with convenience to match. delivers!


In the end, they can wear comfortable shoes tied. By using not have to excessively bend down to tie his shoe.

Disabled provides hands-free shoe removal ability, Shoe closure, is just one simple click away.


93% Consider as a super gadget
99% Are happy with their purchase
88% Recommend Clicks to others

  • 7 Kg of magnetic clasp forces per shoe
  • Ultra-strong, custom-made and fully sealed magnets
  • High quality ABS plastic housing
  • Our magnet are sunk – they do not crumble, fall out or corrode
  • Warranty 48 months
  • Made in Poland and trademarked in European Union

Beware of Cheap Imitations !

We have noticed some markets offering cheap Chinese copies of our Clicks clasp. Our original have been designed and manufactured to the highest of standards. With inferior products, we noticed exposed magnets (corrosion, cracking and falling out of magnets) and/or much weaker and cheaper magnets, effectively providing less than ½ of our clasping force. We invite you to purchase only from our authorized importers and partners to be sure that your product is original and fully meet your quality and warranty expectations.

See for yourself


Start using your shoes in a more comfortable and quicker way – together with Your shoe laces will change your shoe fitting and removal habits in a simple and quick “click”.

The new, clean look

Too much effort for tying shoes? Putting your shoes on while destroying an insole? Creating ugly knots and bows? Sounds familiar? Now you can forget about all the struggles! will refresh the look of your shoes in a “Click”

The originality are available in 16 basic colours which can be mixed to achieve your own personal Clicks look. Mix various colours and stand out from the crowd!

How it's work
Technology are based on the strongest neodymium magnets available at the market which are fastened extremely tight that are adequate for most physical activities. The case of was made of a solid and permanent material that will last for many Clicks.


At first, you will notice two symmetrical waves that pass into a flat square surface. The combination of two styles, combining sharp edges and rounded corners, suits both classic shoes and modern sneakers.

Instant lace-up, in a Click

All you have to do is bring the two sides of Clicks together and Click! – Shoes are on and fully laced-up! Clicks enable you to do it all with one hand. Forget about tired old force fitment of your shoes, loose shoelaces and unsightly, dirty old shoelace ends – just Click and be ready in an instant with that clean “shoe store” look.

Undo your shoe in an instant

Our specialist, industrial magnets are practically inseparable. To separate the two sides, they need to be easily “cracked” by holding your shoe gently near the hill while raising your foot slightly upwards.

Installation instructions

Use in your shoes! Take off three upper rows of laces from a shoe and then weave laces through magnetic shoe lace clasp. You can see how to do this in the short movie above or see the instructions on the back of our package.

  • Untie top 3 rows of laces
  • Weave laces with clasps
  • Loosely weave through clicks from bottom up in a spiral movement
  • Finish up weaving so that end of a lace can still be placed inside of a shoe
  • Adjust tightness of the bottom rows to suit
  • Finish adjustments by making a small knot on the lace inside the shoe
  • Trim the rest of shoe laces and leave approx. 3 cm for further adjustments if needed
  • …or hide the rest of shoe laces under the insole, without any knots

Congratulations! Your shoes are ready to help you discover how makes putting shoes on simpler, comfortable and with style! – Remember – to achieve full comfort – we recommend cutting the laces at the end!

Lace replacement system

Magnetic shoe closure, clasps, laces

Hot pressed and machine sealed into our magnetic shoe enclosure system, clasps ‘lace’ up your favourite shoes with just one Click! – Forget about lose shoelaces, messy tying up of long laces or forcing your feet into your favourite pair of shoes. The unsightly and at times frustrating binding, knotting and loosening up of your tired old laces is the thing of the past. Putting on your shoes is a breeze and no longer requires squeezing into, reversing laces or trying to widen your shoes by force.

  • Clicks.Life allow for a massive shoe opening for easy foot entry & exit
    • No More squeezing into or forcing off your shoes
  • Ultra-Strength magnets, easily and instantly clasp your shoes in one fast click
    • Huge magnetic forces attract and hold each end with ease
  • Designed for a clean and modern look
    • No need to change your laces, just lose that unsightly bow
  • No more loose laces
    • Dirty, loose shoelaces are the thing of a past.
  • Shoes can be worn and taken off as easily as slippers
    • Fast, convenient, hands free exit out of your shoes, just pop them and go.

Additionally, when equipped with system, you eliminate three rows of shoelaces, creating wide opening for quick and simple foot engagement with your favourite shoe. Clicks are made of a high-grade ABS plastic, utilising ultra-strong, industry leading magnet systems, with 4 pairs build into each and every Click.